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The collection is a rebellious stand against the narratives that have been written by a patriarchal society to picturise an ideal image of how a woman should be. As the name suggests AADYA, takes us back to the forgotten pages of mythology, where indeed the ‘creator’ was a woman or ‘AADYA’. The collection narrates the stories of many such injustices and focuses on how reality was so often morphed by patriarchy to mould stories to vacate their idea of righteousness to their convenience. Whether, it be the story of Sita, Draupadi or Kali, in an often made attempt to make ’hero’ out of a ‘man’, Not only in mythology, till now how women gets suppressed under societal rule and we named it “Vidhi ka Vidhan” to follow. This collection attempts to bring forward a woman’s narrative, a woman’s journey that often went unheard. Concept and photography: IIPian Sitanmay Maity @__sitanmay__ . #campaign #design #fashiondesign #fashion #feminism #visualstorytelling #visualart #devotion #pride #handloom #fashionstyle #richness #culture #art #simplicity #raag #emotion #loomwork #weave #artist #patriarchy #photoshop #aesthetic #dorka #mythology #belief #god #mother . . Designer and Concept - @kajaldan_ Model - @niharikagrover97 Assist - @sidbhan_ , @dhruv_vasudev09
Ladakh Artist Residency Program: LAR is an initiative by Art for Cause organised in association with IIP Academy, Noida. The program is an improvised attempt an artist community program from Europe. The motive behind the LAR is to bring together like minded artists and nature lovers at one place and providing one of the best community living experiences with the organic environment. The program also provides a retreat - like environment to the artists. LAR aims making local communities self sufficient. LAR promotes arts with the sense of responsibility towards mother nature and local communities. LAR believes in giving back to the community and nature in the most creative ways. Program Details: Duration: One month Dates: 1st Sep – 5th Oct 2020 Date to report at Leh: 29th August 2020 Orientation day: 30th August 2020. Location: Panah The Earthen Retreat, Hunder, Nubra Valley, UT Ladakh