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Local Street Shops opened in Shelter... As they say, nothing brings forth the essence of life beautifully, than life itself. Take a walk down the streets or dive deep into countless spots of life along the roads, you can unearth beautiful, candid expressions of life. With Photo Journalism, one can really go the distance creating photographic stories. In this piece of candid photography by IIPian Mrinal Mossae, one can delve deep into the realms of Gestalt by Shape, Social Struggles, study of two objects looking at different directions as a potent mixture of Street and Photo Journalism. It’s a tale of two local street shops opened in shelter. Showcasing the incredible strength of positivity amidst these times of adversity. For them, it is not easy to get customers every day, but it is life who teaches us resistance. This expression of resistance adds a world of expressionism to this picture. @mrinal_mo #iip #photography #kiosk #photojournalism #positivity #streetphotography #streetlife #resistance #photographyart #theworldisyours #iipians #iipalumni #storytelling #indianstreet
Warm Greetings from IIP! Ushering in the New Year 2020 with positivity and goodness, our relentless pursuit of excellence in photography education as an art was bestowed with the approval of by Department of education, Government of India. PIt is a grand moment and we thank all our well-wishers, patrons, students, faculty and associates who have been with us throughout this momentous journey. Topped with our breakthrough visit to China that holds a special place in our hearts as it promises to open up newer chapters of collaborations along with educational and cultural exchange programmes. Bringing a change that promises to turn a new leaf in learning and shaping our students as empowered citizens of tomorrow. As we open the floodgates to an empowering year 2020, we look forward to your valuable feedback and appreciation which will inspire to put forth our best foot forward. As we unveil the newer chapters, we at IIP truly believe that the World Is All Yours to appreciate, inculcate and learn from. Your thoughts, ideas and contributions are most welcome to drive us ahead. Feel free to pen down your thoughts to Best Regards Rajesh Goyal Founder Director #newsletter #iipmount #iipmount2020 #news #iip #iipnewsletter