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10 Years Indian Institute Of Photography

About Us

About us

Dedicated to Exposing the Photographer inside you

Photography is a subject that requires less theory and more practice. Baring aside exceptions, every person who takes up photography has to undergo a continuous learning process to develop skills and gain the experience to shoot great pictures. Also self learning constitutes mostly of trails and errors and experimentations. It is time consuming, often confusing and in certain cases disheartening to the point of promising people giving up their passion, even before starting their journey.

IIP knows this well enough. This is why IIP draws its faculty from experienced photographers who have faced the ups and downs of photography and gained valuable knowledge over a span of years - giving them in-depth understanding of not only the subject but the human mind as well. IIP faculty members also understand well enough that no two students learn in the same way or pace. This insight lets the faculty guide students in a step by step manner, answering doubts and queries at every crossroad.

Adhering to the institute's vision, the faculty works with utmost dedication to expose the photographer in each and every student. Since photography is not an ordinary subject and does not follow the usual classroom rules, IIP mentors start the teaching process by befriending each student so as to help them better. As students you will find the IIP faculty friendly, open and always helpful

"A great mentor is a lifelong friend who guides and helps at every stage"

IIP Teaching Philosophy

IIP Teaching Philosophy

IIP strongly emphasizes on individual focus and follows a friendly mentor based approach to groom students in the art of photography. Since photography as a subject requires less theory and more practice. Guidance and hands on learning constitute a vital part of the teaching philosophy. For both classroom sessions and online programs, IIP allots mentors to every student. Each mentor is committed to not only usher the students through theory lessons, practical assignments, answer queries and clear doubts but to also share their experience, inputs and ideas to develop a student's mindset and skills. Professional critiquing also forms an important aspect in the continuous development of a photographer. In lieu to which, IIP mentors not only provide students with professional critiquing, tips and suggestions to better their art but have also created a special students' lounge where students can learn from each other. Self do quizzes and professional evaluation ensures greater knowledge absorption for students.

IIP Structured Curriculum

IIP Structured Curriculum

Photography is a major art stream constituting of many diverse areas. To be a great photographer one needs to be apt in the basics and fundamentals, which are a pre-requisite for more advanced courses in fashion, outdoor, wildlife and other areas of specialization. Keeping this in mind IIP has structured both its basic and fundamental courses to not only inculcate in students a good grasp of the subject but also provide them with the platform to take their passion for photography higher, should they desire to do so in the future. The curriculum at IIP involves both theoretical learning and practical assignments structured in a step by step manner to gradually introduce students to the world photography. Subjects covered range from learning the basics to understanding visual literacy to photo shoots and creating portfolios.